Mommy Am I A ...

Aisha liked going to school. She liked her third grade teacher. She enjoyed working on class projects. One day, all that changed. Aisha couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could this be? What had she done? How could this be happening to her? Follow in Aisha's footsteps and discover how one incident changed the lives of many. You may even see yourself in this young girl's simple tale.....

Website: www.mommyamia.com

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Three Steps Behind

In her first book, "Three Steps Behind", Ms. Ali takes us on a personal journey. She walks us through the dark corridors of oppression, discrimination, and servitude that she experienced under the patriarchal systems of her native Pakistan, and her once adopted land of Saudi Arabia. This unique perspective from Ms. Ali, the daughter of a diplomat, a venerated model, a loving wife, and an educated mother, exposes the hypocrisy of cultural practices and flawed religious interpretations.  In vivid detail, Ms. Ali describes the framework for gender inequality and racial intolerance that she and other women commonly experience.  Despite suffering everyday humiliations in settings that revile human rights, under the unwarranted disguise of religious authority, the strong willed Anila Ali never loses her focus of securing a future for her children, far away from the toxic systems of both cultures.