Grassroots Community Leader

An outspoken civil rights advocate challenging stereotypes and bigotry
A Muslim philanthropist committed to empowering female leadership
A California public school teacher and Democratic Party activist

Feminism Empowers Muslim Women: While Anali Ali has experienced misogyny and bigotry firsthand, she categorically rejects victimhood and instead promotes empowerment for Muslim women. Inspired by her family’s legacy of service, Ali understands that leaders need to both uplift others. Her experience as a teacher has reinforced the importance of addressing challenges – both inside the Muslim community and in broader American society – with honesty and accountability.

Roots & Education: Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Anila Ali was raised in a family dedicated to public service. Her great-grandfather served as the Prime Minister of Kashmir. Her grandmother served as Secretary of the Muslim League and authored several books on Islam and women’s rights.Her father was a journalist and diplomat who founded Pakistan’s first news agency and wrote over a dozen books, including a biography of the Prophet Muhammad. Her mother was a teacher and a philanthropist.