Women’s Leadership: In 2009, Anila Ali co-founded AMMWEC, organizing the group’s inaugural leadership conference with hundreds of Muslim women in attendance. She recruited a core leadership team of successful South Asian women, who had encountered post 9-11 discrimination and felt under-represented by the existing male-dominated Muslim civic groups. AMMWEC is an IRS-certified 501c3 non-profit organization.

AMMWEC Mission: AMMWEC takes on the challenge of external and internal bigotry by empowering Muslim women on the frontlines. Inspired by their own journeys as immigrants who have prospered in America, AMMWEC’s women leaders unite to: strengthen their community, confront bigotry in all its forms, celebrate cultural heritage, and build enduring bonds with fellow Americans of all faiths.

Community Impact: AMMWEC launched America’s first internship to encourage young Muslim women to explore law enforcement careers; several female officers serving today are graduates of the program. AMMWEC’s informal community helpline offers guidance and assistance to women in need (facing domestic abuse, internal or external bigotry, etc.). AMMWEC runs an annual interfaith Ramadan iftar bringing together Muslims, Jews, Christians, Bahais, and Hindus.