Raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Anila Ali is a proud American citizen and has made Orange County her home community for almost two decades. Married with two grown children, Anila understands the challenges that California's working families face. 

Anila grew up with parents who were deeply committed to democratic ideals. She was taught from an early age that all people had value regardless of race, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation. Her father was a diplomat and journalist. Her mother was a teacher and philanthropist. Anila reflects the best in both, she is a middle school teacher, author and esteemed community leader.

As a career educator, Anila is an advocate for education and equal access. Her decision to run for Irvine City Council is an extension of her passion for civic engagement including service on the City of Irvine Strategic Plan for Children, Youth and Families Advisory Board and Irvine Public Schools Foundation Board of Trustees.

As the Orange County Chair of the International Leadership Forum (ILF), Anila has worked to inspire and empower young people to see the value of civic and political leadership. ILF helps prepare its Fellows to become future leaders in academic, cultural, business, community, professional, and public arenas. Anila truly believes children are our future and will be strong advocates for policies that support healthy communities, excellent schools, economic empowerment and access for all.

Anila was the proud recipient of President Obama’s Excellence in Volunteerism Award and has been recognized by the LAPD Counter-terrorism Department and Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for her efforts to support safe communities. 

A community-builder and global thinker, Anila Ali has earned respect throughout the           inter-faith community for her work to build bridges of understanding. She is the author of a children's book, "Mommy, Am I A...", in response to bullying that occurs when children are unaware of differences in faith and culture. 

Anila Ali will demonstrate respect for all people, as it should be. She will break the mold of "do-nothing" leaders who are elected because of who they know rather than who they represent. Anila knows that getting things done means transcending the partisan gridlock that hurts rather than helps us achieve our community interests.

The City of Irvine is one of the most diverse and important districts in Orange County. Anila embraces and understands the value of that diversity and knows that working with all constituencies, citizens, elected leaders, community leaders and business leaders, is the hallmark of a true public servant.

Whether serving community, educating our next generation, building bridges of understanding or empowering people to become engaged in their community, Anila Ali is the best and most qualified candidate to serve on the Irvine City Council.

With respect for one another, the political process, and civic engagement, Irvine can continue to be the nationally acclaimed model city that it has earned. Working from a position of strength and knowledge, we can appreciate the possibilities for our city. Join our campaign, elect Anila Ali,  Councilwoman for the City of Irvine.