Welcome to the Anila Ali for State Assembly Website!

Our campaign is focused on the quality of life priorities the people of the 74th Assembly District care about.

This is an open seat we can win, but only with your help and support. Let's prove that citizen democracy is alive and well. Let's demonstrate what is possible when people use their voices and their votes to elect candidates who believe in public service and representative government.

The last thing we need are more political grandstanders looking for ways to put political opportunism ahead of the people they represent. Our campaign is fueled by people and ideas.

I welcome your involvement in my campaign and ask that you join us in this "boots on the ground" grass-roots effort to bring real representation to the 74th Assembly District.

Please send the link to family, friends and business associates and encourage them to get engaged in our campaign. We can win this race, and with your support I look forward to ensuring that YOU have a seat at the table when I get to Sacramento!

Anila Ali
Candidate, CA 74th Assembly District

Recent News

I know all my friends, family and supporters have had my back during my journey. I cannot make it to Sacramento without you!

Now I need one more favor. By Friday would you all please reach into your pockets and donate $7.00 to my campaign. After your donation would you be so kind to ask five friends to do the same. Only a few weeks to the June 3rd Primary. I am counting on you!

The only Candidate endorsed by The California Democratic Party

"Giving power to powerless, a voice to someone who has no voice, celebrating women's adversity and diversity, creating a platform of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation between women from all walks of life is what Anila Ali does with passion, dedication, and love every day. You are a true Go-Giver." - Svetlana Kim