Meet Anila Ali

Anila Ali is a visionary, community builder and Inter-faith leader. Her father, a premier journalist, politician, diplomat, humanitarian, human rights activist, and Inter faith-leader, has greatly influenced Anila. His legacy of dedication to public service, and that of her entire family, has set Anila Ali on the path she follows today.

Ali’s work with the Inter-faith community has made her a leading voice for Muslims in America. She speaks regularly on Women Rights and Islam, Counter Terrorism, Radical Islam, and shares her extensive knowledge with audiences large and small. Her next book “Being a Muslim Woman in Trump’s America” is expected to be published in Summer 2017. In the book, she recounts her journey to America and discusses the political and social experiences that motivated her to leadership of Muslims in America. The book also takes aims at misconceptions and stereotypes about Muslim women in America and abroad. Moreover, it sheds light on the oppression of women in Muslim countries and the denial of their God-given equal rights in Islam.

Anila Ali is an advocate for communities building trusting relationships with law enforcement. As a Muslim leader, she knows that the community is the first line of defense against radicalization. She builds on countering hate with positive narratives and works with non-profits, community organizations, and Inter faith organizations, to build coalitions of support. Ali regularly conducts talks at temples, churches and other political and non-profit, organizations that invite her to speak. Ali's op-ed:

“Community Building” is paramount to Ali’s vision. Ali brings global perspective to community boards and mentors women and youth through their conflicts. She has founded non-profit organizations to develop bonds between diverse cultures in her community while her charismatic nature immediately brings followers with each new idea.

  • She founded AMWEC (American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council) to bring women into the community conversation
  • encouraging volunteerism, public service and leadership amongst Muslim women.
  • She founded the Irvine Pakistani Parents Association to raise money for public schools within the city of Irvine. 
  • Ali is the Orange Chair of the International Leadership Foundation, (ILF is a non-partisan, non-profit, base D.C.) annually providing Asian American youth internships to 19 federal government agencies and The White House. ILF promotes civic awareness and engagement of Asian Americans in all fields of government and the economy.

CalPak Educational Services was founded by Ali to create an online college degree program between Coastline Community College and Cal State Fullerton, California. This program makes American education available in Pakistan at a fraction of the cost and provides young people, especially girls, an opportunity to pursue higher education where social values and cost may have made it prohibitive.